3 Simple Things All Couples Going Through Infertility and Pregnancy Loss During the Pandemic Should Know thumbnail

It’s not easy going through infertility and pregnancy loss at any time. But going through one or both during a pandemic can feel impossible. Everything around you is overwhelming, scary, and unpredictable. You might feel anxious about the consequences of your smallest actions or about the state of things much larger than yourself. And to… Read more

5 Signs You May Need Couples Therapy thumbnail

If you’re feeling unhappy in your relationship, you may be wondering if you need couples therapy. It may feel like what was once fun and exciting has turned into a nightmare you never expected. You may even end up feeling trapped. What happened to the attraction and closeness between you and your partner? It was… Read more

Online Therapy Works: 5 Reasons to Choose Online Therapy thumbnail

Therapy to Fit Your Lifestyle (& Busy Schedule) Maybe making the drive to a therapists office just doesn’t fit in your schedule. Or maybe the logistics of driving, finding parking, and navigating through an office building adds more stress than the session relieves. While online therapy has been available for many years now, more and… Read more

How Do We Adjust to Life in a Pandemic? thumbnail

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many difficult changes. It’s turned our lives, our world, upside down—claimed family members, businesses, and freedoms. This is a chaotic, deadly time. And we’re all in the middle of trying to figure it out. If we consider life in a pandemic uncharted territory, we see its many landmarks only as… Read more

Strong relationships help PPD thumbnail

You may already know that up to 25% of women struggle with postpartum depression (PPD) after the birth of their baby. And if you’re struggling with PPD yourself, you also know how dark and lonely it can feel. The good news is, strong relationships help PPD. Of course, this may seem easier said than done… Read more

7 Reasons You Need to Invest in Your Relationship thumbnail

Insights from Couples Therapy on how to invest in your relationship. It feels good to be in love. We all want to be in love, and most of us are willing to invest in our relationships at least enough to feel good about them. But the importance of a secure relationship goes deeper than feeling… Read more

Miscarriage Trauma Healing

Miscarriage trauma is a real thing. Some women who experience a miscarriage also experience symptoms of trauma and even PTSD. While you might be surprised to learn about the intensity of the miscarriage experience, you might not be surprised to hear that trauma requires healing. If you and your partner have suffered a miscarriage, these… Read more

How to Heal Your Relationship After the Affair thumbnail

Insights from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) to help you save your relationship after the affair. Many couples struggle to come back together after the affair. In fact, affairs are rated as one of the most seriously hurtful life events with long term effects on the injured partner and the relationship (Freeny, 2004). The Chaos… Read more

3 Relationship Tips for Couples Going Through Infertility thumbnail

Insights from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to Help Couples Going Through Infertility Treatment. Infertility and the rigors of infertility treatment are stressful and exhausting emotionally and physically. They take a toll on each member of a couple individually as well as on the relationship of couples going through infertility. If you’re experiencing these intense emotional… Read more

Why Couples Under Stress Fight thumbnail

Insights from couple’s therapy to help you save your relationship Life is hard, particularly during a pandemic. And, as you may have come to experience during the changes to our lives with COVID-19, couples under stress fight. Within the last three months, we’ve faced illness, financial insecurity, general uncertainty, pandemic, and social unrest. These struggles… Read more