The Hidden Trauma of Infertility and How Couples Can Cope Together thumbnail

Infertility is often referred to as a “struggle.” But unless you’ve gone through it, you may not understand just how traumatic it can be. There’s the demoralizing diagnosis, the enormous cost, the invasive procedures, the constant fear that it might not work, and, for some, repeated loss. Your hopes are dashed over and over. You… Read more

Infertility Can Be Traumatic–You’re More than Just Stressed thumbnail

Maybe you’re in the throes of infertility treatment. You’re taking time off from work, and you don’t know what the outcome will be in spite of your best effort to eat healthy, exercise, and follow medical protocol. Or maybe you’ve had your baby, but you can’t stop thinking about what you went through to get… Read more

Sperm donation and Relationships – How Couples Therapy Can Help thumbnail

If male factor infertility has affected your ability to conceive, you’re not alone. And if infertility has taken a toll on your relationship, you’re not alone there either. For some heterosexual couples, sperm donation is the best answer to infertility issues, but it can bring up some complicated emotions. Infertility often comes as a shock… Read more

Why Infertility Destroys Your Sex Life (and how couples therapy can help) thumbnail

You tried for a whole year, painstakingly following your cycle, peeing on sticks, hoping and planning. That was already a buzzkill for your sex life, but you were so optimistic! When you didn’t conceive for 12 months, you went to the doctor and suddenly your life turned into a scheduling nightmare—taking time off work for… Read more

How To Achieve a Healthy Sex Life Through a Healthy Relationship thumbnail

The lack of sex in your relationship may be the biggest indicator that you’re well past the honeymoon phase. Or maybe it’s that sex has started to feel boring, uninspiring, or like a chore. You used to have a healthy sex life with a never-ending appetite for more time in the bedroom. What happened? Almost… Read more

How to Heal from a Breakup thumbnail

It doesn’t matter if it was your idea, if you both agreed it would be better, if you fought, or if he just up and left. Breakups hurt. You might not have thought you would need to heal from a breakup like this one, but here you are–heartbroken. At first, you just felt numb or… Read more

Couples Therapy can Help Couples Faced with Male Factor Infertility thumbnail

You finally found someone you want to spend your life with. You’re ready to start a family and then bam! You go to the doctor and learn it’s not going to be that easy–and on top of that, it’s “his fault.” Male factor infertility has thrown a one-two punch right where it hurts. While he’s… Read more

Are You Doing These 5 Things to Prevent Post-Holiday Blues? thumbnail

With so much excitement leading up to the holidays, and so many expectations around what you want them to be, it’s no wonder that after the new year arrives, many people experience a letdown of some sort. So how can you prevent post-holiday blues from setting in? Use these five strategies to help you hang… Read more

Couples Therapy for Trauma: You Don’t Need to Handle Trauma Alone thumbnail

You experienced trauma, but it affects more than just you. Trauma also changes your relationship. Thankfully, couples therapy for trauma can help unlock the most important source of healing—for you individually and for you and your partner as a couple. Life is hard. Unpredictable. And modern psychology is beginning to recognize that life is also… Read more

When You Want More from the Relationship thumbnail

It’s an achy feeling, wanting more from the relationship when your partner seems absent or disinterested. You want cuddling on the couch, tender text messages, movement to the next step. Somehow, your partner doesn’t seem to notice or feel like there’s anything lacking. But you want more. When intimacy, commitment, and security feel unreachable, it… Read more