Why Couples Under Stress Fight thumbnail

Insights from couple’s therapy to help you save your relationship Life is hard. Within the last three months, we’ve faced illness, financial insecurity, general uncertainty, pandemic, and social unrest. These struggles are causing prolonged stress and putting strain on even the strongest relationships. And that’s not all. This time of heightened stress is accompanied by… Read more

How to Deal with the Intense Emotions of Social Unrest thumbnail

We live in times of big change and events of unprecedented, global impact. We’ve experienced weeks of the uncertainty and fear of pandemic, the emotional and logistical challenge of social isolation, and the sometimes devastating effects of recession. All of these combined have made us anxious as a society and as individuals. The world we… Read more

5 Ways to Solidify Your Relationship After Pregnancy Loss thumbnail

There’s no doubt about it, pregnancy loss is one of the biggest challenges that can hit a relationship. It is also one of the biggest personal challenges a woman can face. Even though an estimated 20% of pregnancies end in a loss, miscarriage is not a common topic of conversation, and those experiencing this type… Read more

Identify and ease the psychological impact of quarantine

Ways to Recognize and Ease the Psychological Distress of Quarantine This time of isolation and self-quarantine continues to drag on, leading to many different emotions and reactions in all of us. A couple stuck at home together has to find space, time, and energy to create an adequate work environment. They have trouble focusing on… Read more

How to Prevent COVID-19 Burnout thumbnail

Everyone is feeling the strain right now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the globe. Lives around the world and here at home are impacted through illness, fear, changes in work and childcare, and even loss of income or stability. If you are feeling tired and irritated, if you’re yelling at your kids and… Read more

How Couples Can Avoid Conflict and Cope With the Stress of COVID-19 thumbnail

Learn how your relationship is the best way to cope with stress These are unprecedented times. It’s the middle of a global pandemic and we’re all scared. We’re afraid for our health and lives of our elderly parents. Some of us are worried about losing our jobs, or about how they’ll change once we’re able… Read more

10 Ways to Stay Sane through COVID-19 thumbnail

Whether you’re quarantined in New York City or socially distancing in a Midwest suburb, coronavirus is affecting all of us. Feeling afraid or worried is a completely natural, instinctive response to this global pandemic, and it seems the majority of us are experiencing anxiety. In a survey study of more than 1200 people in China… Read more

How to Stay Calm When We’re Surrounded by Coronavirus thumbnail

As COVID-19 has spread further and impacted more and more lives, many of us are experiencing very real anxiety and fear. These are normal, healthy reactions to a life- and society-changing pandemic, but they don’t have to control us. Here are a few tips on how to stay calm while we’re socially-distancing, self-isolating, or even… Read more

5 Tips for Resolving Conflict in Your Relationship thumbnail

Relationships are hard, there’s no doubt about it. They’re also rewarding, and supportive, and fulfilling. But when it feels like you and your partner are pulling in opposite directions, or every little thing becomes an argument, it might be time to work on resolving the conflict in your relationship. Conflict can be a result of… Read more

PPD and Partners: When Post-Partum Depression Affects Fathers & Partners of New Moms thumbnail

Fathers (and partners) are often the biggest supporters of new moms when they face the struggle of postpartum depression (PPD) or anxiety (PPA). These fathers and partners are on the frontlines, witnessing the difficulties of their loved one, and experiencing the effects of PPD on their relationship and on the family as a whole. Sometimes… Read more