Having a new baby is a very emotional experience.   As a mother, you may feel a myriad of emotions – everything from excitement and happiness to worry and fear. You may worry about your ability to take care of your baby. Some anxiety is normal – it is there to help you protect your baby… Read more

Mother’s Day can be a painful holiday for women after miscarriage and for those who are still trying to conceive. It can be a reminder of what is lost, or what you still don’t have but want with your whole being. You would give anything to spend Mother’s Day with your child. Every hand-painted Mother’s… Read more

It’s natural to feel anxious during pregnancy. But if you were (or are) pregnant during COVID-19, that anxiety was probably even more intense. During pregnancy, you went through a lot of physical and mental changes. One month you felt sick to your stomach but happy and excited for your new baby. The next month you… Read more

Hurricane Harvey and the floods that followed were difficult even for adults to handle.  We all felt afraid and overwhelmed at times.  So did children.  They were affected by Hurricane Harvey in a different way than adults.   You may have noticed a change in behavior and mood in your child right after the hurricane.   Some… Read more

Pregnancy is a time of significant physical and psychological change.  A woman gives birth not only to her baby, but also to her new identity as a mother.  This is a gradual and lengthy process that starts when a woman mentally “conceives” her baby; continues through conception and pregnancy; and doesn’t end until months after… Read more

Most parents state that their children make them happy.  If that is true, if parents are indeed so happy, how come many often complain about feeling exhausted and stressed-out by their kids, along with being torn between work and child care? There is no doubt that parenting is emotionally and physically taxing- couples with babies… Read more

The Mind-Boosting Benefits of Motherhood. How Motherhood Can Improve Your Mental Skills, Intelligence, and Preparedness for the Working World If you have a baby or small children, you may often feel like you have permanently lost your mind, leaving it behind with your pre-baby self.  You may feel forgetful, scattered and like you are barely… Read more

Do Children of Older Parents Suffer? The Hardships and Rewards of Children Born to Older Parents Increasingly more children are being born to parents in their forties.  For many of these children, the emotional texture of their childhoods and their experiences in early adulthood are quite different from those of their peers whose parents are… Read more

ARE YOU TOO OLD TO BE A MOM?  The hardships and rewards of having a baby in your 40s The age of first-time moms in the Western World is increasing.  More and more, women delay motherhood, voluntarily as they spend time on their education and carriers, or involuntarily because they do not have a partner… Read more