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Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and PPD Counseling in NYC, Houston and the Woodlands

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) in Houston and the Woodlands

Marriage counseling for couples dealing with:

  • Stress, loss or depression
  • Infertility
  • Difficult pregnancy
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Parenting

Marriage Counseling for Infertility

Are you a couple dealing with infertility?

Do you feel more and more distant from your partner?

Are you afraid that your partner may leave you because you can’t give him a child?

Marriage counseling can help you reconnect with your partner so that you do not feel alone.  Marriage and couples counseling will help you create safety for   open and honest communication where you can express your deepest fears and desires about having a child.

Marriage Counseling for Pregnancy Loss or Difficult Pregnancy

Have you and your partner recently lost a baby or had a miscarriage?

Are you hurting but feel alone in your pain because your partner doesn’t seem to be grieving anymore?

Does your pain spill over into anger that leads to having fights with your partner?

With marriage counseling you will be able to understand each other’s unique way of grieving so that you can be there to support each other.   You can even feel closer to each other.

Marriage Counseling for Postpartum Depression

 Are you a new mom that feels overwhelmed or depressed?

Do you feel unsupported by your partner?

Are you frustrated with your partner for not helping you enough?

Couples therapy can help you find better ways to communicate your needs so that you can be heard. With couples counseling you get the help you need and recover faster from Postpartum Depression.

Marriage Counseling for Parenting

Are you stuck in constant arguments with your partner about your children or household chores?

Do you feel angry at your partner a lot of the time?

Are you preoccupied with thoughts of leaving your partner because you can’t stand carrying the brunt of family work any longer?

Marriage counseling can help you resolve conflicts and bring you closer together.  You will move beyond same fights that keep you stuck.  Instead of relating through your anger you can have more intimacy and quality time with each other.  Couples counseling will help you create better parenting team.

Marriage Counseling if You or Your Partner is Depressed

Do you feel unhappy or trapped in a relationship that is not working for you?

Do you feel unsupported by your partner when you’re discouraged or sad?

Does your partner tell you to snap out of your depression?

Couples counseling can stop unhealthy relationship patterns that may contribute to your depression.  Marriage counseling can help you rebuild trust so that you will feel safe to access your deeper feelings and communicate them with your partner more effectively.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, you are certainly not alone.

Whether you are exhausted  from infertility, recovering from a miscarriage, adjusting to parenting, or dealing with depression you may find that your relationship is suffering.

Perhaps you feel that you are lacking intimacy or that you don’t feel close to your partner.  Whatever the case, you may be stuck in an unhealthy relationship pattern.

Many couples go through similar experiences and couples therapy can help.

Benefits of Couple’s Therapy:

Emotion Focused Marriage Therapy (EFT) is a proven approach to couples counseling that is widely used. It can help you create loving relationship that can support you while you are going through stressful times, or recovering from loss or depression.

Couples therapy can help you overcome distance and conflict in your relationship. It can help you reconnect and create a more loving relationship with your partner. Marriage counseling can help you turn to each other when you are distressed or hurting.  With the help of couple or marriage therapy, your relationship can become a safe haven that you can turn to during times of distress.

What Makes me different from other couples therapists?

I am a Specialist

I am one of the handful of psychologists in the country with specialized training in early attachment relationships, pregnancy related issues, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples.

With over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, I know the devastating impact infertility, pregnancy loss, postpartum depression, and the parenting children can have on relationships.  I also know how depression and loss can affect not only you, but your partner as well.

I understand the healing power of the relationship and the significance of having a supportive parent or a partner during times of pain and stress.

With my knowledge of how to help foster a healthy attachment in relationships with parents and young children as well as romantic partners, I can help your relationship grow.     My experience and training can help you understand how the emotions that fuel your relationship difficulties lead to unhealthy relationship patterns.

Highest Level of Training

As a therapist I have the highest level of training therapists can have. I am Psy,D. (doctoral level) psychologist..

I Use Research Proven Methods: EFT – Couples Counseling That Works

Research shows that 70-75% of couples who complete EFT show change and 90% of couples show significant improvement.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the most researched and highly effective marriage counseling and couples therapy techniques.  It consistently shows significant improvement in distressed couples  that can last for years.

EFT  is based on attachment theory which addresses our life long  need for intimacy.  Romantic partners create special bonds they can turn to for comfort  and security at times of distress.  When these bonds are threatened, people can become anxious, depressed, and either become angry or withdraw from each other.

EFT   looks at the negative patterns of interaction where you are getting stuck with your partner EFT will help you and your partner see and understand the underlying emotions that threaten your sense of security in the relationship and keep you stuck in unhealthy relational patterns.

Convenient Online Scheduling

With my online calendar you will be able to  book or change your appointment online. At your convenience from your home or office, you can schedule an appointment by a simple click of the button.  You can also complete paperwork online.

2 Convenient Locations

My offices are conveniently located at Houston Medical Center  and in the Woodlands.  You can come during your lunch hour or after work.  You don’t have to take time off from work to attend marriage counseling sessions.

What to Expect from Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

We begin couples therapy with an initial assessment that can take between 3 and 4 visits.   First, I will meet with you as a couple, and then each of you will have individual therapy sessions.

After the assessment period, you will receive  feedback and  a plan for how couples therapy can help you improve your relationship.

How Many Marriage Counseling Sessions Do We Need?

The length of counseling will depend on the issues and difficulties you’re experiencing.

You may benefit from a handful of couple’s sessions.  However, typically couples counseling will take 10-20 sessions.

If you want to have a closer and more intimate relationship with your partner, call Dr. Irena at 281-267-1742 or book your appointment in my Houston or Woodlands office now.

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