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Parent and Child Counseling in NYC, Houston and the Woodlands

Parents of Babies or Pre-school Children:

If you are worried about your child or how you are coping as a parent, parent and child counseling and therapy can help…

Do you feel dragged down with the demands of parenting a pre-schooler?

Are you feeling guilty because you are having difficulty enjoying and bonding with your new baby?

Does parenthood seem like it’s more of a struggle than it should be?

If you are dealing with a fussy baby or a willful toddler, you may be experiencing a great deal of stress. Parenting children under the age of 5 is one of the biggest challenges that you will ever face as a parent.

You may wish you have been better prepared for becoming a parent… The sleepless nights. The lack of time for your and your partner . Not to mention all the new responsibilities. You may feel you have lost yourself.

The joy of having a baby or child can easily turn into frustration and fatigue no matter how hard you are working to be a good parent. It’s just not always easy to cope.

Although it isn’t acknowledged often, parents need support during the important transition into parenthood.

Trying to balance parenthood with other family and career responsibilities can be taxing. You may start feeling that you are failing as a parent.

At worst, you may feel you are a bad parent.

Whether you are concerned about your NEW BABY and how you are coping as a parent, or worried and struggling to manage your PRE – SCHOOL CHILD’S behavior, parent and child counseling can help.

Parents of New Babies…

If you are the parent of a NEW BABY, you may be worried about your baby who is:

  • crying and fussing excessively and is difficult to comfort
  • too quiet or not responsive to the environment (not making eye contact, no back-and-forth smiling, not vocalizing, not pointing to objects)
  • not sleeping enough while you struggle with long sleepless nights
  • having feeding problems and refusing to eat particular foods (such as solid foods)
  • involved in difficult medical procedures or has experienced trauma (car accident, family conflict, death of a parent, divorce)

As a parent with a NEW BABY, at times you may feel:

  • sad or anxious following a difficult pregnancy or birth
  • inadequate as a parent for not knowing how to help your child
  • lonely and lacking support from your husband, family and friends
  • worried or guilty because you do not yet feel a connection with your baby
  • low energy, lacking motivation to do anything
  • post-partum blues and depression
  • exhausted, tired and impatient
  • resentful of the time it takes to care for a baby

When you are feeling overwhelmed or down it is hard to give your best to your baby. There may also be some developmental problems that a child and parent counselor / psychologist can help with.

Parents of Pre-School Children…

As the parent of a PRESCHOOL CHILD, you may be concerned because your child is experiencing:

  • developmental delays — language problems and social-or emotional immaturity
  • difficulty relating to peers and grown ups—(autistic spectrum disorder)
  • behavioral problems—aggressive at home or at school
  • constantly arguing and not listening to you
  • sleep problems—refusing to go to bed or sleep on his or her own
  • nightmares after trauma
  • fearful or anxious about leaving you or the home/refuses to stay in day-care
  • difficulty getting along with peers due to aggressive behavior
  • problems adjusting to a new home and school following adoption
  • frequent and intense temper-tantrums that are difficult to control
  • difficulty adjusting to parent’s divorce and to a life in two homes

As a PARENT of a pre-school child you may be:

  • worried about your child’s development
  • concerned that your child seems unhappy
  • at the end of your rope, you have tried everything but nothing has worked
  • feeling guilty or inadequate as a parent
  • feeling frustrated that your child is controlling your whole family
  • in conflict with your partner because you have different parenting styles
  • concerned about your ability to handle your child as he or she gets older

Parenthood can become an easier and more enjoyable experience where both you and child thrive.

With the help of a parent – child therapist and counselor you can get the help you need to cope better with your child. I will show you effective ways to manage the problems you are having.

If you are having problems with your child, psychological intervention during infancy and early childhood can help your child do well in school, make friends and achieve his/her cognitive potential.

Research Shows That Child Therapy and Parent Counseling Can Prevent Problems Later in Life

Studies show that children who show behavioral problems early in life can turn into difficult school age children. They may fail school, become delinquent and even violent as adults without therapeutic intervention.

The younger the child the more effective treatment is.

Research shows that brief parent and child therapy involving young children and their parents is effective. After parent – child counseling many parents feel more competent and satisfied in their roles. Their children’s behavior improves and their interactions became more joyful and harmonious. Many parents have been successful by seeking help early in life and you can too.

The Benefits of Parent & Child Counseling:

Parent – Child Counseling can help:

  • increase your confidence and competence as a parent
  • develop a stronger bond with your child
  • discover how to discipline in an effective way that nourishes your child’s development and growth
  • get in charge and stop feeling controlled by a strong-willed child
  • catch up on your sleep and feel calmer and more at peace
  • go to work or visit friends without worrying or feeling embarrassed
  • improve developmental milestones with your baby or toddler

As a Psychologist and Early Childhood Therapist, I Have What it Takes to Help You and Your Child

As a psychologist specializing in therapy for infancy and early childhood problems, I know the importance of early parent-child bonding. I understand babies and young children’s emotional needs and the ways they communicate.

Over the past 20 years as a therapist and psychologist, I have worked with hundreds of parents helping them create healthy relationships with their children so their children can thrive. As a parent, when you feel competent and confident you are able to handle even the most difficult situations with your child. This, in turn, helps you foster a strong bond that can help your child through even very difficult problems and situations.

Whether you are struggling with your strong-willed child or can’t seem to shake postpartum blues, working with a skillful parent – child therapist and counselor can help you overcome your concerns, reduce stress in your life, adjust to challenges in your new family, and help you and your child thrive.

You can visit my parent – child counseling services page to find out more about the various parent – child therapy services I offer.

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