How To Achieve a Healthy Sex Life Through a Healthy Relationship thumbnail

The lack of sex in your relationship may be the biggest indicator that you’re well past the honeymoon phase. Or maybe it’s that sex has started to feel boring, uninspiring, or like a chore. You used to have a healthy sex life with a never-ending appetite for more time in the bedroom. What happened? Almost… Read more

How to Heal from a Breakup thumbnail

It doesn’t matter if it was your idea, if you both agreed it would be better, if you fought, or if he just up and left. Breakups hurt. You might not have thought you would need to heal from a breakup like this one, but here you are–heartbroken. At first, you just felt numb or… Read more

Couples Therapy can Help Couples Faced with Male Factor Infertility thumbnail

You finally found someone you want to spend your life with. You’re ready to start a family and then bam! You go to the doctor and learn it’s not going to be that easy–and on top of that, it’s “his fault.” Male factor infertility has thrown a one-two punch right where it hurts. While he’s… Read more

Couples Therapy for Trauma: You Don’t Need to Handle Trauma Alone thumbnail

You experienced trauma, but it affects more than just you. Trauma also changes your relationship. Thankfully, couples therapy for trauma can help unlock the most important source of healing—for you individually and for you and your partner as a couple. Life is hard. Unpredictable. And modern psychology is beginning to recognize that life is also… Read more

When You Want More from the Relationship thumbnail

It’s an achy feeling, wanting more from the relationship when your partner seems absent or disinterested. You want cuddling on the couch, tender text messages, movement to the next step. Somehow, your partner doesn’t seem to notice or feel like there’s anything lacking. But you want more. When intimacy, commitment, and security feel unreachable, it… Read more

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Holidays are stressful. Need we say more? There’s the expectation that everything will be eggnog and gingerbread, but then you burn the ham and your partner forgot to hang the wreath—and now it’s all gone grinchy! Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent fighting during the holidays. Seriously, though, the… Read more

12 Ways ADHD Affects Your Marriage and How Couples Therapy Can Help thumbnail

At the beginning of your relationship, your partner gave you all of himself. Now you find yourselves constantly fighting about who’s doing chores, picking up the kids, or not giving the other enough time and attention. The evolution might have been subtle, but ADHD affects your marriage more than you realize. At this point, you’re… Read more

How Having a Partner with ADHD Can Affect Your Relationship—And How Couples Therapy Can Help thumbnail

You knew your partner was a little disorganized when you met him, but he could pursue a passion with every ounce of his energy. That’s what living with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) can do. But while it may have been endearing in the beginning, his lack of time management is now taking its toll… Read more

Why Seemingly Small Events can Traumatize Your Relationship thumbnail

Good relationships help us feel confident, secure, more successful, and even healthier. But even in good relationships, partners can unintentionally hurt each other. Sometimes, a seemingly small event can traumatize your relationship and create rift between partners. Often, the event looks small from the outside. In the same way, the person who accidentally injured their… Read more

Incidents that Destroy Trust and Shatter Your Relationship thumbnail

We all long for a good relationship. As a matter of fact, we need one—but it takes work and investment to keep your relationship happy and healthy. Unfortunately, things can also happen inside a good relationship that destroy trust between you and your partner. The question is how you come back from those incidents without… Read more