There is no doubt that the birth of a child is an intense experience.  Your body goes through the physical transition of delivering a baby and you become a mother. Many women are afraid, or at least nervous, as they anticipate their labor; yet they are always hopeful that they will end up with a… Read more

Pregnancy is a time of significant physical and psychological change.  A woman gives birth not only to her baby, but also to her new identity as a mother.  This is a gradual and lengthy process that starts when a woman mentally “conceives” her baby; continues through conception and pregnancy; and doesn’t end until months after… Read more

Most parents state that their children make them happy.  If that is true, if parents are indeed so happy, how come many often complain about feeling exhausted and stressed-out by their kids, along with being torn between work and child care? There is no doubt that parenting is emotionally and physically taxing- couples with babies… Read more

1 in 5 women will experience depression during pregnancy. Depression may affect not only how you feel, but also the course of your pregnancy and the health of your baby. If untreated, depression may lead to adverse reproductive outcomes such as: pregnancy complications: nausea, vomiting, hypermeisis (intense nausea during pregnancy), and preeclampsia (high blood pressure)… Read more

Finding the right treatment for depression can be challenging.   Below, you will find a discussion of the available research that may help you decide on your best treatment options. When you are depressed, it easy to lose hope and forget that depression is a treatable problem.  Finding the best treatment or therapy can help… Read more

The Mind-Boosting Benefits of Motherhood How Motherhood Can Improve Your Mental Skills, Intelligence, and Preparedness for the Working World If you have a baby or small children, you may often feel like you have permanently lost your mind, leaving it behind with your pre-baby self.  You may feel forgetful, scattered and like you are barely… Read more

The break-up of a relationship ranks as one of the most stressful life events- it’s up there with the death of a loved one.  After the initial shock, when you may feel like you were just hit by a truck, sadness and loneliness often take over.  You may feel “a part of you has died,”… Read more

How to find middle ground between extreme work-related stress and self-care during pregnancy Are you pregnant and always on the go? Are you still working as much at your office or with your kids and never seem to sit down and catch a breath even though you are pregnant? More than 2/3 of all pregnant… Read more

When you are feeling down, everything may seem like an uphill battle that you have to face alone.  Finding the right therapist to help you with depression might seem overwhelming, even when you know counseling will help you feel better.  To overcome chronic stress or depression, you need to have supportive people in your life… Read more

Do Children of Older Parents Suffer? The Hardships and Rewards of Children Born to Older Parents Increasingly more children are being born to parents in their forties.  In my previous article, I addressed the advantages and disadvantages of having children in your 40s.  (In case you missed it, you can click here to read it).This… Read more