How to Embrace Conflict, Strengthen Your Relationship, and Improve Intimacy thumbnail

Your natural inclination might be to avoid conflict at all costs—it’s uncomfortable, scary, and uncertain. An argument with your partner can make your heart race and prime you to run away or fight. You worry that the conflict will affect your relationship, and that you might even lose your partner. But, although it seems counter-intuitive… Read more

Conflict in a Relationship is Actually a Good Thing—If You Resolve It thumbnail

We all look for our soul mate and what we imagine will be a perfect relationship. We think when we find that person, we won’t ever fight or feel frustrated or disconnected. But that relationship doesn’t exist. Conflict in a relationship is healthy and normal—even necessary. The thing is, we’re bombarded with messages that tell… Read more

Pregnant During COVID-19: Scared, Lonely, and At-Risk thumbnail

It’s natural to feel anxious during pregnancy. But if you were (or are) pregnant during COVID-19, that anxiety was probably even more intense. During pregnancy, you went through a lot of physical and mental changes. One month you felt sick to your stomach but happy and excited for your new baby. The next month you… Read more

Father’s Day After Miscarriage thumbnail

How to deal with the pain of losing your baby on Father’s Day More often than not, fathers are forgotten in their grief after pregnancy loss. But fathers grieve the loss of a baby too. And Father’s Day after miscarriage can feel lonely, painful, and confusing for a fathers-at-heart. You were expecting to be a… Read more

How To Safeguard your Marriage and Avoid Divorce thumbnail

The recent announcement of the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce may have made you wonder about your own relationship and what will happen to you and your partner. Bill and Melinda looked perfect—powerful, successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. It looked like they had it all. If they couldn’t make it after 27 years, how are you… Read more

Relationship Problems During Infertility or After Pregnancy Loss — How couples therapy can help you avoid distance and create new connection thumbnail

You and your partner have been trying everything to make your dream of having a baby come true. Nothing seems to be going to plan, and worse, you’ve started having relationship problems too. Now you’re both in pain, but you feel isolated—and maybe even lonelier than when you were alone. Negative thoughts and feelings swirl… Read more

Mother’s Day for Mothers at Heart thumbnail

Mother’s Day can be a painful holiday for women after miscarriage and for those who are still trying to conceive. It can be a reminder of what is lost, or what you still don’t have but want with your whole being. You would give anything to spend Mother’s Day with your child. Every hand-painted Mother’s… Read more

Stop the Fight: Avoid Relationship Problems and Keep Your Love Alive thumbnail

You walk in the door after work and your partner is watching TV even though there are dirty dishes overflowing in the sink. The two of you haven’t even said hello and you and your partner are already fighting. You get trapped in this cycle of arguing and withdrawal before you even realize what you’re… Read more

Complicated Grief After Pregnancy Loss? thumbnail

What It Is and What You Can Do Losing your baby feels like part of your own body and soul has been ripped from you. And it might seem like all your happiness and hope left too. As if the pain of losing your baby wasn’t enough, many factors can make the grief after pregnancy… Read more

feeling ignored by your partner

The pain of feeling ignored by your partner can be enough to leave you curled up in a corner. It can make you question your own self-worth and leave you wondering whether your relationship was ever good in the first place. You might be making efforts at reconnection—ordering in your partner’s favorite meal, asking about… Read more