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Work With Me – Psychologist for women and couples

As a psychologist, I provide inperson and online therapy for women and marriage counseling for couples in Houston,the Woodlands in Texas and New York City.

My focus is those who are struggling with infertility, pregnancy-related issues, parenting concerns, or relationship problems.

Whether you come to see me individually or as a couple, my goal is for you to have more peace and happiness in your life and your relationship.

Please click on the box below that best describes the problems you’re currently having.

Transform conflict and distance into a relationship that feels good.
You can create a loving and fulfilling relationship with couples or marriage therapy.

Get relief from stressful thoughts and feelings. Gain comfort in knowing that post-partum depression is not your fault.

Get support in grieving your tragic loss. Increase your strength to go on with your life with, or without, another attempt at pregnancy.

Feel good again and more hopeful about your future. Therapy is a proven treatment for depression.

Overcome the stress and anxiety associated infertility. Research shows reducing stress can increase your chances of conception.

Manage your stress and make the best decisions. Your future and that of your unborn child are depending on you.

Motherhood is not always easy or fun. You can Become more confident as a parent without being perfect.

You don’t have to continue to struggle.

Your life and relationship can be better.

Contact me to book a free phone consultation to discuss your concerns. Together, we’ll figure out a plan that will solve your problems and bring more ease and joy back into your life.

In person sessions available in my offices in Houston and  The Woodlands. Online and virtual sessions available to those who live in Texas and New York City.  

**I see clients in my Houston or Woodlands therapy office.