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Holidays are stressful. Need we say more? There’s the expectation that everything will be eggnog and gingerbread, but then you burn the ham and your partner forgot to hang the wreath—and now it’s all gone grinchy! Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent fighting during the holidays. Seriously, though, the… Read more

At the beginning of your relationship, your partner gave you all of himself. Now you find yourselves constantly fighting about who’s doing chores, picking up the kids, or not giving the other enough time and attention. The evolution might have been subtle, but ADHD affects your marriage more than you realize. At this point, you’re… Read more

Good relationships help us feel confident, secure, more successful, and even healthier. But even in good relationships, partners can unintentionally hurt each other. Sometimes, a seemingly small event can traumatize your relationship and create rift between partners. Often, the event looks small from the outside. In the same way, the person who accidentally injured their… Read more

We all long for a good relationship. As a matter of fact, we need one—but it takes work and investment to keep your relationship happy and healthy. Unfortunately, things can also happen inside a good relationship that destroy trust between you and your partner. The question is how you come back from those incidents without… Read more

You’ve had another fight with your partner and now you’re staring into the blue glow of the refrigerator. Maybe you’re not even sure why you’re standing there in the kitchen. It’s not that you want to eat your feelings, you just know that some leftover pizza or a bowl of late night cereal sounds better… Read more

Even good relationships have periods of feeling stuck, disconnected, and unhappy. It could be a busy season at work or surviving a terrible boss. You or your partner could have been ill, or just focused on raising your young children. Whatever the cause, feeling stuck in a relationship is not where you want to be… Read more

We are currently experiencing a global pandemic—one of distractibility. From Japan to Argentina to the United States, and from young children to mature adults, everyone is susceptible to the draw of the cell phone, social media, and the internet. Anyone can become too attached to their phone, but it really hurts when it’s your partner… Read more

You might be the partner who does everything you can to connect and keep your relationship alive. Or you might be the partner who feels like your significant other needs too much. In fact, you wish they would give you a little more space. As a couple, how do you balance taking care of yourself… Read more

Your natural inclination might be to avoid conflict at all costs—it’s uncomfortable, scary, and uncertain. An argument with your partner can make your heart race and prime you to run away or fight. You worry that the conflict will affect your relationship, and that you might even lose your partner. But, although it seems counter-intuitive… Read more

We all look for our soul mate and what we imagine will be a perfect relationship. We think when we find that person, we won’t ever fight or feel frustrated or disconnected. But that relationship doesn’t exist. Conflict in a relationship is healthy and normal—even necessary. The thing is, we’re bombarded with messages that tell… Read more