Couples Counseling

You and your partner have been trying everything to make your dream of having a baby come true. Nothing seems to be going to plan, and worse, you’ve started having relationship problems too. Now you’re both in pain, but you feel isolated—and maybe even lonelier than when you were alone. Negative thoughts and feelings swirl… Read more

Mother’s Day can be a painful holiday for women after miscarriage and for those who are still trying to conceive. It can be a reminder of what is lost, or what you still don’t have but want with your whole being. You would give anything to spend Mother’s Day with your child. Every hand-painted Mother’s… Read more

You walk in the door after work and your partner is watching TV even though there are dirty dishes overflowing in the sink. The two of you haven’t even said hello and you and your partner are already fighting. You get trapped in this cycle of arguing and withdrawal before you even realize what you’re… Read more

The pain of feeling ignored by your partner can be enough to leave you curled up in a corner. It can make you question your own self-worth and leave you wondering whether your relationship was ever good in the first place. You might be making efforts at reconnection—ordering in your partner’s favorite meal, asking about… Read more

If your relationship is making you depressed, it’s possible you haven’t even connected that fact yet. Or you might not know what to do about it. All you know is that it feels confusing, exhausting, and lonely. Psychiatrist and investigator Dr. Alan Teo explains that “only 7% of people are depressed at any given time… Read more

As the global pandemic drags on, changed routines and social distancing practices that you thought would be temporary have become a way of life. So how do you keep COVID-19 from wracking the bond between you and your partner? Here are 3 tips to help you strengthen your relationship during the pandemic. The stress and… Read more

How to find the best couples counseling that will save your relationship and bring joy to your life Your relationship feels shaky right now, and you’re considering therapy. But when you start researching therapists, they all use a different type of counseling with different methods and strategies. So how do you know which is the… Read more

Couples therapy can help mothers and fathers grieve the loss of their baby together. Parents who lose a child experience tremendous grief and pain. It doesn’t matter how old that baby is, or even if it had yet to be born. In pregnancy loss, it’s usually only the mother’s pain that’s acknowledged—but fathers grieve the… Read more

Along with all the cheer and excitement of the holidays, stress, expectations, and obligations often follow. And with this year’s holiday season bringing up all new stressors, you may need a refresher course on strategies to prevent holiday blues. You might be familiar with holiday blues: You’re supposed to be preparing for a happy family… Read more

It’s not easy going through infertility and pregnancy loss at any time. But going through one or both during a pandemic can feel impossible. Everything around you is overwhelming, scary, and unpredictable. You might feel anxious about the consequences of your smallest actions or about the state of things much larger than yourself. And to… Read more