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“Research Shows That When Infertile Couples Receive Counseling They May Be Up to 54% More Likely to Conceive”

Why is this the case?

Because stress has been shown to be linked to infertility and therapy helps reduce stress. Therefore, therapy can increase your chances of conceiving.

Did you know that…

Not being able to conceive is one of the most stressful life experiences for a woman. It is comparable to experiencing the death of a loved one or receiving a terminal illness diagnosis.

If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, you are not alone.

1 out every 6 couples has a problem getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

Infertility hits you by surprise.

You likely never imagined you would have trouble conceiving. It’s a shock and can be devastating. It can be even worse if you always dreamed of having a child.

Infertility Can Take Control of Your Whole Life

Like most people who are having difficulties conceiving, you likely fear that you will never have a child.

When you are facing negative pregnancy results month after month you can become consumed by the fear that you will never become pregnant.

Perhaps you can identify with some of the following feelings:

  • outrage at the betrayal of your own body
  • shame and embarrassment for not functioning “normally”
  • guilt and self-blame
  • resentment or sadness at the joy of others who have children
  • emotional roller coaster — from hopeful anticipation one minute, to anxiety and disappointment the next
  • discouragement and loss of hope that you will ever become pregnant
  • tension in your relationship with your partner
  • isolation from your family and feeling that you don’t fit in with your peers who have families
  • feeling stigmatized — you are not a real woman if you can’t have a child
  • deep sadness thinking about a future without a child

If you are experiencing any of the above, chances are that you are under a lot of stress and maybe even experiencing anxiety or depression.

The problems with stress, anxiety and depression are not only that they reduce the quality of your overall life, but they can also interfere with infertility and reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Women may be at greater risk to be affected by infertility than man.

Stress Hormones Can Interfere with Ovulation and Embryo Development

Research shows that high stress is associated with:

  • 20% fewer eggs retrieved and 19% fewer eggs fertilized
  • lower pregnancy rates for both people trying to conceive naturally and those undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • premature IVF treatment drop-out rate
  • higher number of IVF cycles and longer treatment in order to achieve pregnancy

Most people end IVF treatment because they run out of emotional energy, not money.

Studies show that women with a history of depression
and anxiety are twice as likely to experience infertility.

Research shows that psychological distress due to infertility increases with time. Depression peaks between the 2nd and 3rd year of infertility and does not decline until after 6 years of infertility.

If you have been struggling with infertility and feel stressed and fearful about the possibility of never having a child, therapy may help.

Infertility counseling can successfully reduce stress and depression leading to improved treatment results.

Studies have shown that infertile couples who receive counseling may be up to 54% more likely to conceive.

BENEFITS of Counseling For Infertility:
  • improve chances of getting pregnant by alleviating depression and anxiety
  • save time and money spent on medical procedures by decreasing stress-related depression and anxiety
  • regain control of your emotions and feel more at peace again
  • feel calmer during demanding medical procedures
  • communicate with your partner better, and become intimate again
  • be equipped to deal with treatment unpredictability and failures
  • find time for self-care during uncomfortable medical procedures
  • if appropriate, explore alternative options of becoming a parent (third-party reproduction or adoption)
As a therapist specializing in infertility I know how to help you overcome the challenges caused by infertility.

As a psychologist dedicated to helping women cope with infertility, I understand your anger, envy and deep longing to have your own child. Being a mother myself, I know how important the desire to have a child can be.

As a therapist, for the past 15 years I have successfully helped women deal with the psychological and emotional side-effects of infertility. As one of only a handful of therapists in the Houston area with a specialty in infertility, I can help you navigate your infertility treatment with confidence and ease.

Weather you have just started to address the issue of infertility or whether you have been dealing with it for a while, therapy may be one of the best investments you can make. It can help you effectively manage the ups and downs of the challenges inherent in infertility.

Yes, you can enjoy your life even when you are dealing with infertility.

If you are ready to get help through counseling,

Call me for a free 10-minute phone consultation at 281-267-1742 OR, you can book your appointment now by clicking on the BOOK NOW button below. I have therapy offices in both Houston and the Woodlands.

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