Postpartum Depression

Having a new baby is a very emotional experience.   As a mother, you may feel a myriad of emotions – everything from excitement and happiness to worry and fear. You may worry about your ability to take care of your baby. Some anxiety is normal – it is there to help you protect your baby… Continue Reading

Feelings of Depression Soon After Childbirth Are Common… Most mothers (60%-80%) experience some emotional sensitivity, also known as “the baby blues” in the first week after childbirth.  These feelings usually spontaneously subside within 24 – 72 hours with the majority of new mothers.  When they don’t subside, both mothers and babies can suffer substantially. How… Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered how you can best enable your child to thrive emotionally; feel confident; be inquisitive; develop healthy peer relationships; and be able to manage stress?  Many of the answers can be found in mother-infant bonding. Babies actively seek contact with their mothers and try to keep them close by smiling, cooing, looking… Continue Reading