Psychologist & Therapist for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be

Counseling areas: Depression in Women / Mothers, Postpartum  Depression in Women, Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Children and Parents.

Whether your challenge is starting a family, achieving a fulfilling relationship with your child or feeling better about yourself, it is difficult to keep up your hopes when you are faced with obstacles and setbacks. You may feel discouraged and lonely.

In my work as a psychologist and therapist, I use my specialist training in depression, postpartum depression, infertility, miscarriage, early childhood development and parenting, as well as my extensive therapy experience, to provide my clients with a holistic approach to support them in overcoming obstacles to reaching their life desires and goals.


I provide therapy to women as they transition through all the various stages of trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and having and raising children.

The majority of my clients struggle with stress, depression or anxiety related to difficulty getting pregnant, staying pregnant or adjusting to the demands of the new baby and young children . In addition to the struggles women have around fertility issues, many women are dragged down by parenting a baby or preschool child and end up feeling stuck, depressed and unhappy as they neglect their own self-care.

Over the last fifteen years my patients have showed me that no matter how challenging their situation may be and how devastating their loss with help they are able to overcome it.

Seeing woman overcome depression, learn how to take care of themselves and enjoy motherhood has been gratifying.

It has been equally rewarding to educate and guide parents through difficult developmental stages of their children’s lives. I have helped them improve their understanding, overcome frustration, gain confidence, and eventually achieve a fulfilling family relationship.


Early in my career as a psychologist I realized the need for a holistic approach to therapy that integrates the physical and mental well-being. I also believe in the importance of providing continuity of care, through the stages of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Therapy for the Psychological Aspect of INFERTILITY

As a mother, I understand how being a parent can be one of the most important aspects of life.

I am one of only a handful of specially trained psychologists who is a member of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in the greater Houston, Texas area. My commitment is to help my therapy clients cope with the emotional aspects of infertility while following or exceeding the high standards formulated in the ASRM guidelines.

Therapy for Pregnancy Loss

Losing a baby at any point during pregnancy can be physically and emotionally devastating experience. Unresolved grief can linger and even undermine a couple’s relationship. It can also lead to depression and parenting problems. As a counselor with expertise in pregnancy loss, I have provided counseling to many women who were stuck in feeling sad, angry and guilty to recover faster and regain their strength.

Therapy for Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression affects not only the mother but the whole family. Both mother and her infant suffer. Counseling can help mothers feel better about themselves, gain control of their feelings develop parenting skills and enjoy their babies more..

Therapy for Depression in Women

I have enjoyed working with women to help them overcome depression. Women often handle overwhelming responsibilities that men don’t. As a counselor, I have supported many woman resolve the stress of being a mother, wife and a working woman and learn how to take care of themselves while taking care of others.

Therapy for Parenting and Infant Bonding

As one of the few psychologists in the country specifically trained to work with parents and children from birth to 3 years of age,

I am passionate about the clinical application of research in parent-infant bonding (called attachment theory). During the course of my psychology training, and in over two decades of clinical therapy practice, I learned how to the principles of parent-child bonding to enhance mother’s relationships with their babies, to the early years are crucial in order for parents to create fulfilling and mutually rewarding relationships between themselves and their children.

My therapy offices are located in The Woodlands and in Houston, Texas.

Professional BACKGROUND

Professional Credentials

Psychological Training

  • BA in psychology: Belgrade University, Serbia
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: Yeshiva University, New York City

Psychology Internship

  • Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, New York

Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

  • Parent-Infant Therapy at Columbia University in New York City
  • St.Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital in New York City

Licensed psychologist in the states of Texas and New York

Professional Affiliations
American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
American Psychological Association (APA)
Sam Houston Area Psychological Society

Past President of the Montgomery County Psychological Association Chapter of the Texas Psychological Association

  • Mentored psychology students in the Texas Medical Center and Houston area.

Psychology Instructor:

  • Taught graduate courses for mental health professionals and nurses.

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Dr. Irena Milentijevic is a psychologist and therapist who specializes in counseling mothers and mothers-to-be who are struggling with depression, postpartum depression, stress, loss, pregnancy loss and stress due to infertility. She also provides therapy to parents with young children. Her therapy offices are in Houston and in the Woodlands, Texas.

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